License calculator (only evaluation - carry out the creation of a license request in the client!)
Number of cameras
Number of users
Number of clients
Amount of recording file space (TByte)
Number of SICK LMS sensors
Siemens VssSdk support
Lizense price in € (tax inclusive)
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License request file (*.srq) 
After installing the software, a 30-day evaluation period begins with the full functionality.

During this phase, a warning message with the number of remaining evaluation days appears once a day.

The evaluation version can be converted by loading a valid license to a full version at any time .

The license is bound to the server computer. A license can be purchased without server connection to the internet because the license request can be saved using the client software.

You can request a license by upload the license request file above.

The license request is a request for quotation to BlueSkyWare, it is no purchase order!

After receiving the license request, BlueSkyWare sends an offer containing an invoice amount and an order number. This is just an offer, not a request for payment!

After the invoice amount has been transferred to the denoted bank account, a purchase agreement has been entered into between the user and BlueSkyWare.

BlueSkyWare then emails a license activation file to the user. After the user activates the license activation using the client software, the system is being unlocked to the extend being defined by the ordered license.

The license key defines the systems range of features. The license applies to these system parameters:

Number of video sources
Number of users
Number of simultaneously connected clients
Amount of storage for recordings

The price of the license is determined by the number/ amount of these parameters.

When entering these parameters, the resulting price gets displayed immediately. You can extend an existing license anytime, the extension is performed the same way as the first license request. When extending a license, the client software calculates the prices for the additional items. The price calculation considures automatically a volume discount.

Since BlueSkyWare does not charge service fees for license extension, we advice to start with a minimal system satisfying your needs. You can extend your license on demand.
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